2013 Flood Fight Update – April 23

The Fargo Park District is working to do all we can to minimize damage for the projected flood.  We will be posting regular updates as progress is made at our parks and facilities.  Please check back often for updates on the flood preparation.  If you have any further questions call us at 701-499-6060.

Master Construction has completed a clay levee at Edgewood Chalet Saturday.  They are expected to complete a clay levee for the Maintenance Shop at Edgewood this morning.  Once complete they will move to the Lindenwood Information Center and after that will work on two clay levees at Rose Creek Golf Course.  These are all expected to be completed by the end of the week.

The road into Edgewood Golf Course and Divots is closed through Wednesday for the construction of the trap bag levee along the road.  Kandi Lane (the road into Trollwood Park) is also closed due to mobilization for trap bag levee work into Edgewood and along Kandi Lane from Elm Street to Broadway.

The gate into Lindenwood Park will be closed this Thursday due to the clay levee the city is constructing.  Also Oak Street near Mickleson is closed due to construction of a clay levee on the road.