AdShark Tree donation

AdShark Marketing Donates Tree To Island Park To Celebrate Arbor Day

April 27 is National Arbor Day and that means we have to get outside and celebrate trees!

Perhaps ask yourself, what do trees do for me? How important are they to life on earth? Well, every day trees clean the air we breathe by taking in toxic gases and putting out oxygen. Trees also clean our water by using their roots to filter out chemicals and heavy metals before it reaches the Red River, our drinking water source. Besides all of that stuff, trees are naturally they are cool!

In honor of Arbor Day and because trees are really the neat, AdShark Marketing, an advertising agency here in Fargo, donated a tree to Island Park, which they planted with some help from our Arborist Sam.  Check out some of the photos below of the new tree in Island Park.

Be sure to get outside this weekend and plant a tree, climb a tree or go for a walk in one of our many great parks and spend a little time thinking about trees and how valuable they are to our community. Or join us on May18 at Orchard Glen Park for our Arbor Day Celebration!